In collaboration with Wirz, Arie Art Agency and Argile, Tempo d’éco proposes eco-responsible solutions for walls and flooring.


Made in France, Argile offers a palet of 184 shades inspired by the colours of the earth and the plant world. Several years of research into the development of biosourced formulas (97% sunflower oil-based and colouring agents derived from natural pigments) make it possible to combine health protection and environmental protection, innovation and technical performance, as well as ease of application and a high-end finish. European Ecolabel certified.


In the 19th century, the family entered the linen industry for the production of linen and in the early 20th century, the textile weaving mill was founded. Today, the brand offers beautifully designed eco-responsible wallpaper where no solvents are used, and all printing pastes are water-based. It Formaldehyde has been completely banned. Wastewater is treated and recycled. Drainage is in strict compliance with environmental standards. The products carry the FSC and CE labels.


A German small family business for five generations, Marburg produces PVC-free, chlorine-free and plasticizer-free wallpapers, making it ecologically sustainable. Marburg wallpapers offer protection against electromagnetic waves. It is an important innovation.


Eco-responsible since its creation, Omexco is Belgian and devotes all its creativity to a global reflection on waste reduction. Their products are eco-certified and PVC-free. Finally, thanks to all these efforts, they have obtained the eco-label and the certification for responsible forest management.


Organoid is an Austrian producer of nature-based wallcoverings meaning “Organic” (in the sense of natural) and “oid” (from the ancient Greek for ‘like’). The brand is 100% ecologically sustainable, is authentic, and the closest one can get to nature. It is based on nontreated natural materials and ingredients. Organoid offers visual, haptic and olfactive interior experiences.

Arie Art Agency

Arie Art Agency by Arielle Dubois is a market specialist and legal expert in the art market and the NFTs ecosystem. The Agency is dedicated to promote the best of today‘s contemporary art and act as a legal counsel to art collectors in Switzerland. Artworks and artists exposed at Tempo d’éco are carefully selected to fulfil a sustainability commitment and benefit from the Agency’s expertise.